Courtney is located in New York City but works and networks globally. Her teaching is tailored specifically for the individual, group, salon, etc to what fits their needs best. She does and teaches all color, cutting, styling, product knowledge, collaborating and networking skills, and helping create and shoot a shoot with a meaningful story behind it.


Contact Courtney by filling out the form below and she’ll first consult and then create a continuing education plan specifically for you. 


Next classes;

-04/24/17-Brooklyn, New York- for individual blow dry class 

-05/06/17-Gothenburg, Sweden.- Teaching cut/color/texture makeover and taking new clients. 


If you're feeling like you want more. Are stuck. Are unsure. Are just wondering what the heck do I do? What makes me unique? Where should I my start? Or often needing support and advice on how  to make new plans for a career turning point.  If this paragraph has gone over some of your thoughts as of lately then best case scenario is that you're also a creative like Courtney but worst case scenario is you're normal and want some kind of improvement in your life, that's great, 

Courtney has eleven years of experience in the industry and the creative artist in her hasn't been able to ever stop wanting more when a hint of boredom lasts longer than a few days. Each calculated risk has lead her to be very successful and those with the same hustler mindset and creative drive to go after and believe in their potential. 

Fill out the form below to arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation if you're interested in being a coaching student of Courtney's. Information on structure and pricing will be discussed, varying per length of time  coaching is needed for. 


Next class: Gothenburg, Sweden. Early 2017. Details coming soon.

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