I'm a big believer in simplifying. Make the hair healthy, have fun with it,and stay creative. I'm not interested in creating a product line in my brand so instead overtime I've slowly and plan to continue on partnering up with certain brands that I've choose to invest in for a reason. Let me start to introduce you to them.


Hairstory is a salon in New York City that was founded by Michael Gordon, also the founder of Bumble&Bumble. They aren't your typical salon though, they're something special. They not only support the change a shift of the hair industry in many ways but they also know how to research. 

In 2012 they figured out that all shampoo has 80%detergent in it which is the only reason we use conditioner. They now have what's called New Wash which technically contains everything needed for shampoo, conditioner, and after care product all in one. New Was contains keratin, UV protection, eucalyptus which also stimulates the scalp, and a handful of other necessary ingredients. Read all of New Wash's ingredients and learn more about the Hairstory company by clicking the button below.A blog will be up to explain the three products they carry.

Spoiler: I've fallen in love with Undressed.

Click the links below to learn more.

Click on the image above to be redirect you to product store Use code: 300040156

Click on the image above to be redirect you to product store

Use code: 300040156


Lasio Keratin,

Ionic Wave,

Pulp Riot Hair Color,

Lanza Healing Color


Coming soon for online purchase:

Lasio Serum and Balm

Olaplex No 3

and three select more products to be announced soon.


Continuing Education with specific Brands:

Destroy The Hairdresser

& Mastered - Hair Mastered Accelerator 

I've spent the last five months growing my knowledge for business and brand growth with Destroy the Hairdresser. While also being an accelerator in the Hair Mastered program as one of top artists with emerging talent where I'm mentored and within network to the top beauty experts in the world. Click on the buttons below to learn more about these amazing brands.