'She Is Tenacious'

Desire: A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Desire doesn’t always go hand and hand with sexuality even though it can and is an amazing form of it. It can also be a desireable need or want for something that leads to the next level of desire into a ruthless determination to not stop until you achieve whatever it is that you’re desiring. You can even desire things you simply deserve such as, success, respect, or fairness but are put in a position to fight for it which leads to even more desire and motivation to get it.

Team Credits

Photographer: Esther Faciane @finessabuxtable

Model: Lissa Foster @love_lissa

Art Direction: Andrs Rangl @andrsrngl

Creative Direction: Myself @courtney.ann.johnson

Hairstylist: Myself

Makeup artist:Desiree Delia @desireedeliamua

Stylist: Asa Maria Camnert @asamaria_camnert

Hat Designer: Niamh Tierney @niamhtierneymillinery

Shoulder Piece: Kaila Powell Frasco @free_bird_