Always. Extra.

Is it just me or is this how the path paves some of our journeys? If you can relate to anything you’re about to read then I beyond welcome you to reach out to me, please. Forewarning if this is your first blog of mine, I’m humble, honest, and this will get real. I signed up with a program to focus on editorial hairstyling for 2017, I come out as a director. I meet my idol and get the chance to assist him in Ny and over Europe for six weeks, beyond get my hopes up, and do not end up getting the gig. I sign up to work my first nyfw show and I end up becoming director and for three shows back to back. I sign up to work my second nyfw show eleven years into my career, I’m lead hair and there are seven shows that I find out all of, including that I am lead upon arrival. I sign up to apply to my third FW show and I end up being assistant, in London. The day I find out I also get a daily pass to attend and work any show for the entire week of LFW. Backtrack- I flipped five rooms to live in a space where I currently have my “safe-zone,” aka “my baby,” “my art den,” “my home,” and I find out in the midst of whichever current emotion that it’s time to do it again, skip town, and trust the universe for the 400th+ time. Fuck it. Lets do this. You’ve gotten me this far girlfren. Can you fix my bank account tho? Thx.

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