What About Now?

What about now?


What about it? What about when you feel on the brink of the edge? Have you felt that to the fullest in yourself? And how was it? These are the conversations I would love to go in depth with, those late night talks, those forgetting time exists moments, confronting the real and owning it, sharing with less people than you can count on one hand. Or switching to first point of view speech, to not with the hundreds people I know.

What’s that feeling that goes with talks from even your mentors from various places saying you’re so close to it all, just keep going? It’s the feeling of still being alone. It’s a powerful feeling and one that makes you or apparently I feel that I’ve actually swallowed my voice and insides apparently at times because fuck, it all just gets to be a lot. Perhaps I will delete the words’ so’ and ‘just’ from my vocabulary for August and see if I swallow my own stomach less, I’ll honestly maybe share the results.

I’ve also never felt so close to whatever the hell fate has in store because who honestly knows and at the same time so closed off. If one thing is true with my brand it’s that I will stay myself. My brand is and will always stay  passionate and more importantly real. It will rid the unnecessary and continue to attract the right tribe but honestly for the most part it’s for me and it’s my art outlet.

Back to the point of the blog spheal was why do I feel like I’m swallowing my own stomach? Because I’ve never had to make so many decisons while keeping so much to myself. But maybe that’s one of life's real stern final ass kicking lessons before you can finally level up, to live for you and to stop living as an open book. I’ve always felt even as an independent artist that I could share my journey but I’ve finally come to a place where things are evolving at a pace that the only person I feel comfortable sharing my pace with today's myself. Then letting it known to whomever when the timing feels right because it’s a day to day journey on figuring out an extremely long plan. And guess what entrepreneurs are? They’re successful, hopefully. And if so it’s because they stood out, they stuck to their intuitions, their guts, and never goddamn gave up. I can’t imagine anything less.

So here’s to today, to tomorrow, for all your effort two months ago that maybe you also kept to yourself. Here's to us and to you for finishing reading this blog post that made me feel a whole lot better after writing out. Cheers.


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