Independent, Proud, and Out Of Fucks

With any change or growth it boils down to empowering yourself to trust your gut and above all else knowing you're onto something. No matter if you feel 100 or pushing through the day, you're onto something or you wouldn't have empowered yourself to make a change. I guess days like today empowering is the strongest passion I had. I'm beat, I've had too much to do for awhile now because I started this journey on my own. I'm extremely lucky enough that I was skilled enough but more so brave enough to break off with a lifestyle brand that keeps evolving almost faster than I can keep up with. But i always keep up with it because it's that important to me no matter how i feel. Like now if I'm "slacking" on releasing news, sending newsletters, fixing my whole website, confirming clients, networking to who knows who next, my roots even, the list is boringly long. Moving with a space big enough to run a business downstairs before my loan is ready so needing to figure out sublease roommates within the week. But whenever I or you or anyone that knows the feeling of in over their head far too well, it doesn't exist because we empower ourselves to get shit done. We're used to racking up and adding to our to do list, because that's just how things go, and eventually it'll all get done. No one sees that tho and I won't even get into the things or opinions I hear. Somedays when i work for myself I feel quite supported still but half the time I pat my own back and pop champagne to myself if I finished tasks that blew my damn mind. I realized awhile ago that that's normal now, it's extremely satisfying, sometimes lonely, but the most rewarding. No one knows you better than you know yourself and we're always the hardest on ourselves. Feeling proud of yourself knowing that you've been empowering yourself for weeks or months on end is when the journey really becomes your own.

Blog written on: February 15th, 2017 at 2pm

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