She thought she broke free


We all have our pasts, our stories, what make us who we are, and something that was extremely challenging and at times seemed impossible was starting my brand. I again initially was influenced for awhile to do so and after turning down amazing jobs I finally agreed, lets do this. But the ''lets'' part turned out to be me. I was given many tasks to do without guidance so I would find my path on my own but sometimes it was so beyond frustrating that I couldn't put it into words so I started to make pictures out of it. This one above was about moving this month and at the time I had arranged five other living situations besides my own room in order to make this work. So I would have my basement, my art den. I made this picture when I thought I hit my limit, I couldn't explain it, her mind was bursting, and the girl I overlay-ed into the picture was flying out of her creative brain, she was free. But then I had to kick someone out the next day and I was back to "wtf." So basically, the picture above represents limitless to me, because there are no limits, especially when it comes to creativity. But more importantly when it comes to a creative brain.

Graphic made on Monday, February 20th at 11:50 pm

Blog written: Sunday, March 26th 


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