The writers of my life sure are creative, go figure. What is all this?

Alright, so I started this journey right? This brand path? This talent others saw in me when all I thought was I liked my job, I love hair, I know it pretty damn well, so I’m lucky. I liked knowing my craft and still being able to have a life. But then I understood, it evolved, and I became obsessed. Whenever I get passionate about something, I don’t just look into it, I don’t just ponder about it, I go all in. But this path was different, no one was guiding me, no one was telling me why my brand was redirected to a more confusing route and gone lifestyle. I barely grasped not working for someone, researching independent brands enough to get it a little, but now it was time to be confused again. For me as a creative artist being thrown the potential of high success not only for myself but a success that would also help others, I wasn’t going to stop until I figured it out. I didn’t have a creative partner to bounce ideas off of. Finally I understood though, I was the brand. I was good enough, I had enough to offer, and I was committed. CAJ was my boss now and she was on to something.

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