Make art. Then figure out why.

Jan 19th, 2017

Blogging is new to me, so bear with me on it. It all started from messing around with graphics, editing them, overlaying them with other images, and expressing my thoughts subconsciously through them. This was the first graphic I made in November 2016. I had no idea it would turn into a blog or that this picture expressed much more than meets the eye. That I would break off and have the guts to start my own brand all on my own in less than two months. What do you see here? I see a girl, in New York City, staring out a window. New York has taken over and made her career even more solid but her heads is in the clouds and she’s searching for more. She's not sure for what exactly but she wants more. She's frustrated that she cannot figure it out but she knows she will, someday. She doesn't just want anything, she’s already happy but longing for more.

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