If I was a quitter... but I'm not

I’m not sure if I wanted to stop more on days on end I was told to draft notes of whatever came to mind, find my true purpose, figure out what my brands purpose was; all while feeling like I hit light bulb after road block back to back. Or maybe when my to-do list became so long that I didn’t know what to do, so I just stopped, until I started. Or when I had to figure out every single detail, ranging from the LLC to finding more space that met what I would now need sometimes. Or when I had to figure out how to fund this and make every other detail work while molding my plan and rearranging my actions as it evolved. While staying in network with top salons and stylists in Manhattan and companies, salons or blogs; located from London to Sweden. Or when I lost any friends or was told it’s nice to see me ‘doing well’ yet again when I was just figuring it out. Or when I reached out and out for assistants, anyone to bring up with me during this, fly here and have free rent, quit your assisting job, lets make real money, lets do something epic. But it’s still just me and like always I followed through. Or maybe it was the night of Obamas farewell speech or the fact of doing this alone during the heat of all of this political mess we are in. Maybe it was when it took weeks for the right side of my brain to figure out how the hell to make a website that had so many different parts, as my creative brain kept finally evolving and making the website more detailed and with more stems to it then I could work out on a screen. I had attempted five websites by now; a 95%  complete Wix website, two square space accounts, two themes on word press, but I was back to square one and I slammed my laptop shut. This was the task I couldn't push past for some reason, I could handle the rest, but this is when I was ready to just say whatever for awhile. Instead I wrote this blog, one that I had planned for this specific breaking moment, a moment that I knew I would feel so immensely that I would just know, and this was it. Writing can really help heal a person in many ways I've learned throughout my new journey as you're now reading this off my sixth website made in just a few hours. It's not about all the detail, or the name sliding in right, or anything but getting it out there and turning the next page. Finally, my brand is "live." Can we make some art now? Goodness.


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